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Red Flag Detectors-Couples Edition game card

Red Flag Detectors-Couples Edition game card

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Introducing 'Red Flag Detectors' – your essential couples edition card game designed to empower you with the ability to recognize potential red flags in people. In today's world, it's crucial to pay attention to conversation starters and topics for adults, and take them seriously to protect yourself from toxic relationship patterns or abusive behavior. With this deck, you can cultivate a keen sense of awareness and make informed decisions about your relationships. Each card in the 'Red Flag Detectors' deck acts as a valuable tool, providing you with insightful prompts and indicators to help you identify potential red flags. By using one card a day, you can embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, gradually honing your intuition and critical thinking skills, and fostering a healthy relationship through couple therapy.

Remember, using one card per day allows for a balanced approach, preventing the feeling of overwhelm or anxiety that can arise when faced with too much information all at once. It also encourages a gradual and thoughtful examination of your relationships, enabling you to make informed choices and take proactive steps towards cultivating healthier connections.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Love it!

This game is just so cute and fun and a neat way of seeing what you need to/could work on. I really enjoyed playing it with one of my girlfriends and can’t wait to play again with more friends and my boyfriend! Might have to get the whole game set! Would totally recommend :).

Michaud S.S.I.

My girlfriend is hooked! She loved these cards

A must have

My favorite one! A real reality check! It's like having an honest friend pointing out what you need to work on in your relationship.